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From Yoga all the way to Coding, Scholars' Playground offers an immersive online experience in many different fields of study.  In partnership with local leaders and non profits, The Playground brings a new learning experiences from vetted community organization and partners to the 21st Century scholar.

Whether your Scholars are focused on making music or writing stories,  Scholars' Playground has a variety of courses to help aide your scholar in refining their skills or to expose them to a new field all together. The Playground has you covered.  

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The Playground offers educational segments to scholars in 30, 60, and 90 minute increments across our online platform to create a truly interactive experience. Each lesson will be recorded and archived to allow scholars to go back and watch previous lessons so the learning can happen at any time. 


Featuring Writing Courses

Afro Yoga

Featuring Yoga Courses

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Featuring Drumming Courses